The individual and collaborative work below represents my competency with market research, account management, strategic ideation, pre and post video production, multimedia consultancy, business acumen, interviewing, and copywriting. Enjoy!


Brand Strategy: Subaru


This video was a response to the client brief created by Subaru, with an objective of "redefining the car buying experience." Our team developed the #ownyourride campaign to compete in the annual brand challenge for the Effie Collegiate Foundation.  All contestants are tasked with conducting consumer research and building a creative marketing campaign that fulfills the objectives outlined in the sponsored brand's client brief. This year's sponsor was Subaru. Our team's competitive advantage was rooted in our technological development strategy. We believe that reaching the top-of-mind point for the target audience requires being at the forefront of technological innovation. In writing the script, I convey how our strategy will leverage Subaru's brand in the mind of consumers.



Blogging: DIS & UES


Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 20.11.14.png

My blogging experience began with being a Student Blogger for DIS Copenhagen, which gave me the opportunity to reflect on my personal journey, while also providing insight on the program for prospective DIS students. I was able to interact directly with applicants who responded to my blog posts and answer their questions via email. This past year, I stretched the bandwidth of my blogging capacity by writing for Furman's Undergraduate Evening Studies Program. Many of these posts revolved around student spotlights, requiring preliminary communication with alumni to gather interview content. Blogging has taught me how to nuance my writing style and voice for different audiences. 

Multimedia Storytelling


This story was inspired by my times studying abroad in Copenhagen. I became fascinated with the idea of how humans interact with new environments; I found myself fascinated with seemingly trivial aspects of novel experiences, thus sprouting the thought of how novelty forces us to find beauty in the mundane. This project challenged my creative thinking. I had to trust my belief in the power of storytelling and accept constructive criticism in order to add value to this work's purpose. I practiced conducting interpersonal interviews, learned to manipulate film and use Adobe Premiere, and enhanced my ability to use different elements on Wix. Click HERE to explore the story!

Mikkeller Collaboration


As I mentioned in my experience page, I had the incredible opportunity to work with a Danish for four months in the Fall of 2018. This project taught me how to work with students from a diverse array of backgrounds, both personally and professionally. I learned how to take on different leadership roles within a big group. My primary role as the Account Manager taught me how to efficiently communicate ideas and distribute productive feedback between the client and my team. I added value by scheduling all meetings representing our team's values by being the face/voice. I developed an appreciation for cultural differences, in terms of corporate tone of voice. Our deliverables included two commercials in tandem with one print ad, which familiarized me with the pre and post production process.


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Academic Presentations


Religious Literacy Film


This video was a collaborative effort; my primary role was being the Account Manager. This manifested by communicating with my team's client, Furman's Office of Spiritual Life, as well as Furman students whom agreed to be interviewed for the film. The film was shown at a faculty conference with the purpose of instigating conversation among Furman faculty and staff members regarding religious diversity on the University's campus. My secondary role was scheduling and conducting interviews for the film. This required consistent communication with interviewees and a welcoming charisma for students to feel comfortable being vulnerable in the interview setting. I also contributed to filming B-Roll for various j-cuts. Click here to watch the video!

I believe that a presentation is an opportunity to sell an idea or prove a point. Giving professional presentations has not only enhanced my public speaking ability, but also taught me how to visually convey ideas in a concise manner; each presentation is packaged differently, depending on the subject matter (industry, if you will) and considering how to best appeal to the audience (consumer, if you will). Through delivering nuanced pitches, I have learned the value of always having facts from proprietary research in your back pocket at all times to answer follow-up questions and further incite conversation. I am a confident public speaker and do well when posed with on-the-spot questions.

Click on the images to view full presentations!

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