If you've looked through my site, you've already gotten to know me a bit. Let me tell you a little more about myself and I would love to get to know you as well. I'm a small town kid with big city dreams with an eye for storytelling. 

I have to credit my attention deficit for shaping me into this walking paradox of attentiveness. A dear friend of mine once asked me how I am capable of being so present while always being in a million places at once. I told her, "life's a balancing act, and lucky for me, I like to juggle (OR I have a horrible center of gravity." I learned at a young age that my brain works differently from others. I am easily distracted by small details. But, as I got older, I learned how to harness that into a skill: getting to know people quickly and easily. I've spent 22 years mastering the art of empathy. See, when you're as fascinated with the world's interconnected narrative as I am, you must know how to pivot*****. Sometimes I feel like a victim of the novelty effect because every time I meet a new person I make it my mission to figure out where they play a role in this narrative and how I can connect with them. I do this by telling stories. Stories lead to curiosity and curiosity leads to connection. 


My philosophy on life is simple: people love stories and stories drive decisions. The tricky part is being able to communicate a story well.  In an effort to be the best storyteller I can be, I have steered my academic journey in the direction of Communication Studies and Business Administration. I'm hoping to continue this adventure getting my hands dirty in New York City next year. 

Building relationships and making constructive connections is of the utmost importance to me, whether that be connecting people, ideas, stories, legos®, you name it. I am a textbook extrovert and have been told that my energy level coupled with my curiosity gives me a childlike zeal for life. I am driven to exercise my energy by introducing people to new opportunities, fueling all levels of engagement, and establishing mutually beneficial relationships on behalf of a brand whose values align with my own. I operate on a platform of loyalty, authenticity, optimism, and adaptability. I'd love to connect with you and start a conversation!





My passion for building relationships stems from my love for meeting new people and working with different personality types. I believe that getting to know others starts with knowing yourself. Here's a little more about me:








I've been to 40/50

states in the USofA.

I have a bona fide obsession with bunny rabbits.

You'll find one Christmas song in each of my playlists.

My last name means "cabbage farmer" in German.

I've had the same

haircut for 20 yrs.

My sense of smell means everything. Ask me about it.


A friend pierced my ears at age 21.

I played baseball until age 12; yes, it was all boys.


i love music...

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